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Bands that Bond Us

I remember the day we found out something was wrong. I could feel it in my gut before we even did the routine ultrasound. The emotion, the worry, the fear is indescribable. I could not form words to pray.  All I could muster was to tell God I was mad at Him.  It was unfair. It was hard to look at those around me experiencing the joy they had with their pregnancies and babies. Why?

The worst is when you feel like you have it under control then when you go to speak – you break. One particular call was with my Dad; I recall being angry with his reaction to the news. He was unphased. He said, “Rachel it’s obviously something you can handle.”  Our baby was our baby, and she’d be fine. Three months later and he was right.

I allowed myself three days to feel. Then it was time to move on. Accept the unknown.

There she was. Born way too early but right on time. I recall looking at her through the box as she looked right back. Her tiny little face. Her eyes were wide open.  At just two pounds and some change, her personality shown. I saw her legs. I saw the scars the bands left. At this moment, I wanted no different. She was my baby. She was made this way. The bands were no longer evil.

Everything about my pregnancy and the aftermath did not go as envisioned. You don’t expect to be pregnant only six months. You don’t expect to get to know your baby through the lens of a Hospital. The milestones you experience are not the milestones you prepare for. One of the biggest moments was being able to hold her with no wires attached. Going from being allowed to hold her an hour a day to being able to hold whenever we wanted.

Her amniotic bands had bonded us before she was born.  We knew the longer she stayed inside; the more damage would be done. Although my water breaking at 25 weeks has no exact relation to the bands it’s proof that even in anger, God hears.

The journey into parenthood did not come easy. I realize it’s never easy. You’re never ready. When it happens, when life throws you curve balls you just become ready.

Her bands have already taken me to places I never saw coming. I know she will continue to inspire and motivate me into the person she deserves me to be. She’s already the daughter I always wanted.


Blonde Chick

Double-Double Motivation

I was at a In-N-Out in Northern California enjoying a juicy, double-double while, of course, people watching. If you’ve ever been to an In-N-Out then you know they are always busy. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is, it always seems to be moving at a high pace with a long line of hungry people. As I’m sitting there internally lamenting as to why they don’t have these in the Midwest, I noticed one of the employees. He was outstanding. He was rushing around with an intentional kind word to all, picking up empty ketchup containers, offering refills and more napkins.

I don’t eat fast food much. Yet, I’ve never experienced service like this! Even at a nice restaurant, you don’t always get treated in this way. He was constantly on the move. I couldn’t help to think of Seth Godin’s, Linchpin when watching him work. Now, I’m not here to pass judgement, but I could guess that this man’s ambition was to not work at In-N-Out the rest of his life. Yet, while he was there he was giving his employer his best work and it was obvious. He was inspiring.

In the book, Godin describes what makes someone a Linchpin. Essentially, these people are intrinsically motivated, they don’t have to be given a rule book in order to figure out what to do.  They delight and challenge their customers and peers. They become vital to the organizations where they work. They don’t hold back and they give their best no matter what the task.

Now you may be looking at your current job as the stop before your career, you know the placeholder job. You may have the attitude that once you land your dream job you’ll work really hard, you’ll become indispensable etc. Can you imagine what your current job or place in life could be if you just shifted your attitude to align to that of a Linchpins? If you started to think and act like the guy at In-N-Out your future is limitless. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll own his own franchise?

The people you work with today are impacted by you, the company you spend time with today is impacted. Don’t you want them to be impacted positively? Taking on the attitude of a Linchpin will make you happier and more fulfilled, which in turn, will make the world a better place. I know that is a bit cliche – but one man really did change the world. Every day is a gift, and every opportunity to give your best shouldn’t be wasted waiting for the perceived ‘better thing.’