Clean up, Aisle 4

“Yes, sorry.”  “Yep, that smell is coming from me.” It’s such a distinct smell. The smell of baby formula. I promise I wash my clothes.  “Excuse our mess.” “Watch out!” “Seriously, be careful there is about 4 ounces of spit up on the floor” “No, I didn’t spill it. No, she didn’t do it on […]

Things We’ve Tried…

Here are the list of things we’ve added to her elecare formula to try and get her to drink: Hershey Chocolate syrup Jello powder (varies flavors) Various Purees (apples, pears, bananas, etc…) Oatmeal  Rice cereal  Kefir Yogurt  Chocolate Nesquick Powder  (no sugar added) Naked smoothies  Ripple Chocolate Milk  Neocate  All of these items I’ve tried different combinations of. […]

My Tube Fed Baby

When Lennon came home we were under the impression her eating would just ‘click’. Well, I can tell you 10 months later, it’s simply not the case. You can have people empathize, sympathize and try to help. The reality is  – like anything – no can understand unless they’ve gone through it. I’ve been fortunate […]