Things We’ve Tried…

Here are the list of things we’ve added to her elecare formula to try and get her to drink: Hershey Chocolate syrup Jello powder (varies flavors) Various Purees (apples, pears, bananas, etc…) Oatmeal  Rice cereal  Kefir Yogurt  Chocolate Nesquick Powder  (no sugar added) Naked smoothies  Ripple Chocolate Milk  Neocate  All of these items I’ve tried different combinations of. […]

Do you lead your life?

Most people don’t lead their life, they accept their life. Most people don’t challenge their thinking. They don’t question the way things are. They don’t reexamine their thought processes.  They don’t ask why they think a certain way. Instead, they accept the answers given. They are okay with no progression no evolvement. Don’t be most […]