Success Factors

In order to achieve True Success in life it is important to recognize: FOUR KEY SUCCESS FACTORS: Character, Purpose, Knowledge and Skill. CHARACTER: Good character provides the foundation for good Selling. PURPOSE: Purpose drives behavior. If there is no Purpose or Passion, the behavior that follows will be mediocre at best. Once the foundation of […]


Creativity is approaching a need, a task, or an idea from a new perspective. contrasts creativity with under-achievement. This seems a little unusual since under-achievement does not seem tobe the opposite of creativity. However, creativity is often the by-product of a high level of achievement. Therefore, under-achievement would result in lack of creativity. Look […]


Highly effective salespeople focus on what is most important and they demonstrate the determination to stick with it. Searching for new prospective customers is perhaps the most important activity that you will engage in as a salesperson or business owner. Highly effective salespeople recognize this and are determined to carve out time every day to […]