America First, International Respect, and Questions

I work with a lot of international people. There’s one lady from Pakistan who has a one-year-old son. Her husband is stuck in another country due to political issues in her village. She works for us during her nighttime so she can take care of her son during the day. Today, she reached out to me to tell me how she thought I worked hard having a baby, going to school and maintaining my work commitments. I was humbled at the thought. For her the time was 4 am. For me, it was just a Monday afternoon getting stuff done. She was the one reaching out to comment on my ability to take on so much. I can’t imagine the challenges she faces on a daily basis.

She and I are so different, yet we are so much alike. We are willing to do what it takes for our families. For her, it’s working through the night so she can be a mommy during the day. She loves her son as I love my daughter. I love that I can help her by providing her opportunities

These types of interactions no matter how small are what binds us all together as humans. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum we’re all just trying to live the best lives we can for ourselves and our families. The challenge is to realize you weren’t created to only serve yourself and your family. We are created for more. We are created to connect as humans and serve a higher calling.

Just as she and I can connect on our desire to create a better life for our family, we all too can connect on the bigger goals we have for our families, our futures, and country. Instead of focusing on our differences maybe we can change our perspective to focus on how much we are alike. We do not have to think alike, look alike, live alike, talk alike but we can all embrace a different perspective. So, when we say things like ‘America First’ are we also saying ‘Me First’? Are we letting our fear drive a narrow-minded focus to serve ourselves before we open our hearts to others?

I’m not commenting on my stance as it relates to the immigration ban because frankly there are so many ways to think about it. Like the fact that President Clinton had a similar if not harsher laws on immigration or the fact that many of the countries banned are not where many of the 9/11 terrorists derived. White males do the majority of the mass shootings and acts of violence happening in America. Any given fact can change a perspective. Any media headline story can shift a country.

The main point is to say – where does the servant mindset come into play? When will we stop having agendas and simply connect with other humans?  How can we be ‘America First’ as Christians?  How can we serve each other, think less of ourselves and accomplish more as humans?

Do you agree? If not, why?