Success Factors

In order to achieve True Success in life it is important to recognize: FOUR KEY SUCCESS FACTORS: Character, Purpose, Knowledge and Skill.

CHARACTER: Good character provides the foundation for good Selling.

PURPOSE: Purpose drives behavior. If there is no Purpose or Passion, the behavior that follows will be mediocre at best. Once the foundation of Character has been laid, it is important to address the question of Purpose:

  • What is your purpose in selling?
  • Why is it important?
  • How will successful selling help you to accomplish your goals in life?

KNOWLEDGE: In order to grow you must learn. In order to learn you must gain knowledge. In order to grow as a successful salesperson you must learn good principles of selling. You must acquire knowledge from others who have been successful in sales.

SKILL: Knowledge alone, however, does not an effective salesperson make. Knowledge must be transformed into Skill. Skill comes as a result of practice, coaching, and trial and error. Knowledge will not increase your effectiveness as a salesperson one iota unless you can put that knowledge to use by transforming it into SKILL. Then, and only then, will your success be impacted.

Together, these Four Key Success Factors constitute THE WHOLE PERSON. The combination of these factors is a powerful force that will propel you toward success in selling and in life.