Get Call Backs From Voicemail

Voicemail can be extremely frustrating because the research shows that the call back rate on VM is normally less than 1%. The good news, however, is that this result can be altered dramatically. Salespeople who have been trained properly are able to routinely get 30% of their voice mails returned by prospects. These returned calls can potentially result in a First Appointment with the prospect up to a third of the time. This is a game changer, because now, instead of voicemail representing nothing but frustration, the salesperson is actually enthused about leaving a voicemail because he knows that for every 10 voicemails he leaves he will get one appointment! If you were to get one appointment out of every 10 voicemails you leave, how would that impact your production?

The problem with most salespeople is that their voicemail messages are entirely too long. In fact, research shows that 90% of your potential audience isn’t thinking about your product or service, so you can easily see why very few people would return a voicemail. They aren’t interested!

On the other hand, highly effective salespeople don’t give their sales pitch on voicemail. They simply say something like, “Hi _____, this is Jack Frisby. Please contact me prior to close of business today / tomorrow. The best number to reach me is _________. Thank you.

Now granted, leaving this voicemail takes a little chutzpah. However, even though it may be slightly irritating to some prospects, you will get a return rate of somewhere near 30% by using this simple voicemail. Of those returned voicemails it is possible to convert a third of them into First Appointments if you have a compelling message. By using the phrase: “Close of Business today” or “Close of Business tomorrow” (if you are calling in the afternoon), you are conveying a sense of urgency. Your tone of voice must also convey authority. You want the prospect to be intrigued enough to call back.

So, welcome Voice Mail. There’s a real human on the other end who may need your product or service. He just doesn’t realize it yet.