Benjamin Franklin and Character

benjaminBenjamin Franklin was committed to growth. He spent seven days every week concentrating on one specific character trait. At the end of each day he would actually sit down and evaluate how well he had demonstrated that particular character quality on that particular day.

He kept these notes in a journal. At the end of each week, he would move on to the next character trait on his list of twelve. He continued this pattern for twelve weeks, working through twelve essential character qualities. At the end of the twelve weeks, he started over again. This continued for a considerable period of time, namely, a lifetime.


How about you? Are you that intentional about developing strong character as a salesperson? What if you sat down at the end of each day and evaluated how well you had demonstrated the character qualities that enable you to be a great salesperson?

If you come to believe, as I do, that developing strong character has the potential to positively impact your sales career and your life, you will need to find a partner or two who are also committed to character growth. You will need to sit down with these partners and lay out a plan for how you are going to hold each other accountable for the development of these character qualities.

That plan might include a weekly meeting, perhaps over breakfast, where you will ask each other tough questions and agree to answer them honestly. This is necessary (not optional) because learning anything new takes hard work. My experience is that most of us are inherently too lazy or too undisciplined to stick with it when the going gets tough or the novelty wears off.

Ben Franklin stuck with it for a lifetime. How about you?