Creativity is approaching a need, a task, or an idea from a new perspective. contrasts creativity with under-achievement. This seems a little unusual since under-achievement does not seem tobe the opposite of creativity. However, creativity is often the by-product of a high level of achievement. Therefore, under-achievement would result in lack of creativity.

mikeLook at a great basketball player like Michael Jordan. Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team! Jordan wasn’t always as talented or creative as we came to know him, but he did possess a desire to develop himself to the greatest extent possible. This desire drove him to hone his skills to an extremely high level. As a result, he became very creative on the basketball court. He had mastered the fundamentals of basketball to such an extent that this enabled him to perform creatively.

What does this look like for effective salespeople? Like Michael Jordan, they have honed their sales skills to an extremely high level. As a result of mastering the fundamentals, they are able to enter into the creative. This is very important in the search for qualified prospects. Let’s say that you have honed your skills in prospecting to a very high level. This is when creativity kicks in.

Creativity will enable you to uncover prospects that your competition may be overlooking.[quote]

What are some creative ideas for locating potential customers in your selling situation?

Where do your prospects congregate?

Where do they shop?

Where do they play?

To what clubs do they belong?

How can you market your product and services to them?

What sources of information might be useful to you in identifying potential customers?

How could you creatively approach your prospects in order to engage them in conversation?

Who else sells to your potential customers? Could you form a referral with several people who also sell to your proposed customer?

Who are your potential customer’s clients? Could you approach your potential customer though one of their clients?


Creativity is approaching your potential customer from a new perspective.